Thursday 12.5.19

Coilsfield House by Nathanial Gow, around 1800 or so.

Wednesday 12.4.19

Fox Trot Rag by Gordon Stobbe. Some in between things fiddling.


Sunday 12.1.19

Sunrise on the Guinea Farm… sort of.

Friday 11.1.19

Katelyn’s Waltz by Casey Willis. I don’t do it justice, but here’s a crack at it.

Tuesday 10.29.19

Just a bit of Down Yonder…


Wednesday 10.9.19

Midnight on the water, almost dead man’s tuning. First time through.



Day 21,900. For real. How did that happen? Here’s me hacking through a quick tune: Gold Fiddle Waltz by Frankie Rodgers. Minus a few notes.