Saturday 12.3.16

A little Xmas stuff for you… in a hood.

Thursday 12.1.16

Painting a sign…

Wednesday 11.30.16

Wednesday Waltz, not a waltz. Kind of going with the jig and reel theme again… Canon Reel

Saturday 11.26.16

Wednesday waltz on a Saturday… and not a waltz either. The Foggy Dew. Yes, there’s an old school hand painted sign on the table.

Wednesday 11.23.16

Wednesday Waltz, yet again, not a waltz. Crazy Creek

Wednesday 11.16.16

Wednesday Waltz: not a waltz… will it ever be a waltz again? Perhaps. Today: Hobart’s Transformation

Wednesday 11.9.16

Wednesday Waltz. Not a waltz. In fact, I don’t even know if there is an internet anymore as I scheduled this to post on Tuesday afternoon. Perhaps President Trump did not shut down the internet. If not, here you go with another version of Cooley’s reel. Last week’s was slightly interrupted due to Cubs support.