Thursday 3.05.09

Another image from the session with Kym & Joelle. Less grunge, more glam.


Other than that, I thought I’d add a couple of thoughts about something else:

I’ve decided that it must be similar to caution tape.

I was looking around at different portfolios admiring the work of many talented models and photographers. I was browsing through the many images of one VIP when I spied a familiar image. The image is that of a young woman, probably early 20’s. She is very lovely. The image, taken outside near some water, has her in pink and black lingerie. This is a frontal view. Her right hip is rocked up to camera left with probably a bit of extended buttock. The left shoulder is high and her head is turned out to the right, chin down a bit, eyes gazing out to something out of the frame. She is wearing a thong-like bottom and has her thumbs hooked in the side straps. The right hand pulls the strap up almost to the lower line of the breast and the left hand pulls the strap down on the other side as if to almost reveal her crotch.

I have seen this pose 64 bazillion times, give or take a few. Done right, this thing is great. This one was not great. It was not bad either, just not great.

So, I have to wonder why the shot? Is it one of those that just looked awesome when this photographer looked at it for the first time? Is it on the portfolio because it actually means something to him? Other images in the portfolio are many times better than this one. Was it a memorable day? Is it a former love that he can’t part with? I do not know.

All that crap aside I have to ask myself why the shot. Why the shot? How did it come about? What is the point of the shot. Does there need to be a point? I guess the point here is “sexy babe in lingerie rocking her ass next to the lake”. Shots like this make me want to go for something else. I’m guilty of this shot as well… probably. I have things in my portfolio because I like them, or at least like them at the moment. Some things I throw out there to see what kind of a reaction I will get. Sometimes I get some great critiques.

In the end, I have decided that this shot is similar to a caution tape shot. Everyone tries it. Most are garbage. Once in a while someone comes up with a version that just kicks ass… the pose, the model, the lighting, the composition of the shot, better retouching.

One response

  1. joan lee

    I dig the blog. I have thoughts on the bikini strap thing, but I’ll keep em to myself. I don’t need the 32% discount, but I would be pleased for a password into “bondage”

    March 7, 2009 at 7:03 pm

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