Saturday 3.14.09

Today is Saturday, March 14. One day after another Friday the Thirteenth. The concept shot of the day on ModelMayhem was anything to do with “your best image that is inspired by, or that reminds us of, the day or series of films”.

Looking at the images, the choices are images that depict the movie series as well as other images of simulated gore, blood, scary things, grit, dirt, grunge, creepy dolls and weirdo clowns. Somehow the idea of Friday the 13th has changed from a fun unlucky – don’t step on a crack kind of day to some pretty scary stuff.

This gets me thinking about gore types of photography. I’ve always been a fan of weird looking things and it seems as if lately I like to add a little grit or grunge or some other kind of weird spice to my images. I have never been a big fan of blood images or those that depict violence. That might sound off coming from someone who does bondage photography once in a while.

To give you my own perspective on this I’ll tell you about my work as a butcher/meat cutter. I started working for a meat processing plant when I was 12. I worked through school and some college and continued to do this for about 23 years all together. In that time, I did everything from bringing the animal into the plant off of a truck to taking the frozen processed meat out to the customer’s car. I did everything in between. Without getting too graphic, I have seen enough death and blood, smelled the smells, felt the life go out of a body enough to last forever. Sounds gory, but not really. I will always believe that I did the work with the utmost respect and care for the animal. Everything was done in the most humane way possible. Some would disagree, but this is the case.

Knowing what I know about that part of my life and other real life experiences… I find most of the blood/gore images to be almost laughable. Lame attempts at depicting a scene, no reason whatsoever to portray a fake bloody violent situation.

With the internet you can search for war photos showing many horrible things. It is all right here… blown off heads, dismembered soldiers and civilians, dead children, burned, starved, slaughtered. The slaughter of humans in these images is by far more grotesque than anything I ever did as a butcher.

Faking a gore picture, taking the time to not think it through, to have a MUA give it their version of blood for the only reason of showing a bloody gore picture is sort of an insult to those dismembered humans that are actually suffering and dying as I sit here on my safe ass and type this out.

As far as I can see things for myself, I will never have a good reason to try to duplicate the real horror that is out there.

So… I’ll plan to continue with weird stuff, fun stuff and try to find some meaning in what I show in my images.

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