Thursday 3.26.09

Fur, Fish, Jill.

Some time ago I placed an ad on Craigslist looking for someone to muse for me once in a while. Out of a few lame and otherwise smartass responses was a response from Jill. We discussed some ideas – some of those can be seen in the first blog entry here. The thought process here is vague and specific at the same time. A running theme would be to somehow mock fashion or maybe suggest that someone can produce an interesting image without breaking the bank in an otherwise crap economy. So… we get packing materials, plastic bags, garbage bags and go about creating something that might be goofy, tongue in cheek and perhaps fun to look at.

Recently, Jill threw an idea at me about making something out of fish. Believe me, these fish are real. Real stinky too. What we came up with was something like “options for wearing animals” or something like that. Jill hit the thrift store and found a funky hat plus a mink… then went to the frozen food section to go fishing. Some of the result is here, more on the way.

Beyond that, we also had time to do a little rope work. My vision for this is a no pain, no gore, symetrical kind of tie. To see more of Jill visit:

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