Wednesday 4.15.09

Tax Day.

Every once in a while something happens that just shocks me to the core. I was listening to the radio during work today when the radio personalities started to discuss something that had happened on a show called Britain’s Got Talent. I have never watched this program and rarely do I ever watch shows like American Idol. I am familiar with these types of programs as I frequently receive updates, like it or not, from my kids.

Later in the day I opened a post on Model Mayhem entitled “Not going to be a model”. I watched the You Tube video of this woman, Susan Boyle, belt out a tune from Les Miserables to the complete shock and joy of the people – including judges – in the audience. When she had walked out onto the stage she appeared as a frumpy, unkempt middle aged woman who should probably have absolutely no business attempting to be anything starlike. Eyes rolled in the audience, people snickered. She began to sing.
Out of this mouth came the biggest shock ever. She had mentioned prior to entering the stage that she was going to rock the audience and she did exactly that. Unbelievable. I think I got the biggest kick out of the stunned faces and the surprising satisfaction in the crowd. The age old phrase “don’t judge a book” came to mind.

I watched this thing 3 times. I showed it to my son, to my wife and then watched it again along with a 10th anniversary clip from Les Miserables so that I could compare. This made the hair on my head stand up every time I watched.

Perhaps it was a one time thing, this one singer, this one group of people listening to her and becoming pleasantly surprised. Perhaps the television show pieced it together in such a way as to pull on every heart string imaginable. I think it worked.
Beyond all of that, it just made me feel real good. It made me feel the feeling that all of us – if we are lucky enough –  get to feel once in a while. It is kind of like the moment that I realize I am actually having a conversation with my 3 year old grandson. It is falling in love. It is seeing your child turn her life around after a suicide attempt. It’s finding a $20.00 in your back pocket doing the wash. It is all of the little and big things that happen in your life that make you glad you are here. It makes me feel like unbelievable things can and do happen and that hope is something to keep with you. It makes me want to do things better.

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