Thursday 4.16.09

What I am using.

Once in a while someone wants to know what I use and how I use it when making a picture. The basic info on this is that I use a Canon 20D, strobe lights with various light modification devices such as softboxes, softboxes with grids, gelled lights, reverse cookies (shards of broken up mirror material glued to a board, the pieces are acrylic), sometimes a fog machine and other items in the studio. Most of what I shoot is done in the studio on a raised stage area that measures about 8′ x 9′. The walls and ceiling of the studio just around this stage area are painted black, the floor in the room is slate gray. I also use reflectors, white board, flags to block light pollution in my lens. Most of the time I have as many as 5 lights in a shot. These are controlled by radio triggers and slave sensors. I use a light meter. I use an incandescent light to light the subject for the sole purpose of faster and more accurate auto focusing. The incandescent light is cancelled out by the strobes.

On the computer, my workflow is something like this at the moment… I burn all of my raw files to one or two dvds. From the dvds I select what I think will work and open in Lightroom. Some tweaking takes place there. I then export an image into Adobe CS2 where I finish it out. I do have CS3 but most of my other playthings are associated with CS2 and I’ve been too lazy to move them over to CS3. Some of the other programs I have been playing with lately have been Nik filters, Imagenomic, Exposure 2 and Tiffen DFX. I do use Wacom Intuos 2 tablet. Lately I’ve been rather sloppy about not getting it out of the bag and plugging it in… so I rely on the mouse.

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