Saturday 4.25.09

Sometimes people ask me about my editing or retouching work flow. I made an attempt to keep track of some of the things that went on on processing this image of Tamara.

The original image:

From here I did this:
1. Made minor adjustments to color, tone, vibrance and clarity in Lightroom.
2. Sent image as a PSD file into CS2.
3. Duplicate image.
4. Stretch top and bottom.
5. Crop full size eliminating stretched areas from image.
6. Liquify, smoothed out her back a bit.
7. Retouched skin, blems, scratch on hip.
8. Duplicate layer, Ctl/J on pc
9. Imagenomic for more skin retouching.
10. On PC, Ctl/Alt/Shift/E to mearge and duplicate all layers so far, placing them on new top layer.
11. Nik filters… Pro contrast adjustment.
12. Selected the face area only, feather at about 9, duplicated area – ctl/j Take into Imagenomic and soften a bit.
13. Ctl/Alt/Shift/E
14. Hue Saturation adjustment, reduce magenta on feet and back. Ctl/I and paint in or out accordingly.
15. Ctl/Alt/Shift/E
16. Nik filters: Cross Processing Y02 – 37%, + highlights.
17. Ctl/J (dup image)
18. Image Adjustments/Shadow Highlight filter at 37/29/126/69/52/152/17/28/.01/.01
19. Nik filters: adjust color cast
20. Ctl/Alt/Shift/E
21. DFX filters, nude skin
22. Ctl/j
23. Added grunge overlay…

And then somehow got lost in keeping track. Damn. But it gives you an idea of where I was and where I was going.

The result:

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