Friday/Saturday 5.1-2.09

Friday/Saturday because I am starting this at 11:35pm…

  • The back of my mind stuff:

I placed a new casting call the other day looking for female models that would appear as an “All American Girl” kind of girl. I requested that the model be youthful looking and have a slim or athletic build. I am looking to build a set or series of images that are fresh, fun, tasteful, rated G or PG at the most.

This raises some questions. Why? What will I do with these? What are they for?

  • Why

A variety of reasons. I guess first and foremost I have a vision of something I want to do or see. I feel that this is something that I can create and be happy with the result. I am in a planning zone on this thing. A huge influence on this will be pin-up work and idealizing the female. To some this is no longer politically correct. We now can look at grit and grunge, blood and gore, erotica and lust. I’ve done all of that except for the blood and gore part, which I choose to avoid. I’ve also done the cutie pin-up type work but I see this project as something different – I hope.

I want to project into the mind of the viewer just enough information to allow them to read the story as they want. Some will see some cute babe. Some will see something fun and fresh and it will make them feel good. Some will see cliche work that has probably been in some ways done to death. I will attempt to communicate what I am looking for to the model and hope that they can take it from there and give me the look or looks I seek. The result will be semi fantasy, semi reality that someone can look at and relate. Again, I hope.

  • What will I do with these?

Not sure. Perhaps stock or calendar work. Model or models will receive images for their portfolios. Perhaps limited print work. I will also use a selection for my web portfolios.

  • What are they for?

Beyond what is mentioned above, It is a challenge to myself. I have shot a lot of different things over time. If you look back through the blog images you will see a variety of things including bondage work. I’ll continue to work on those as well, but this is an opportunity for me to become very selective in the entire process from concept to completion. They are a way for me to remain able to not stick myself into one particular style or genre. It is an opportunity to work with some new people or people I have worked with before. It is an opportunity to collaborate with someone without having to resort to nudity or a “come do me” look to get a look.  For example, I don’t just want to be know as some bondage guy. I’d rather I was known as some photographer who is capable of producing quality bondage work, or pin-up work, or any other work – in my own particular style.

Wow, such an ego, huh? Yep. We’ll see how it goes.

And a little more of some of my work with Tara:

Luckily, this was a very hot August day. The water at the time was not cold, but it certainly was not warm. Tara and I had discussed some kind of wet or shower shoot. Having no water in the studio area, I built a recycling shower using a submersible pump in a huge container of water. The water was pumped up and over Tara through a garden hose and recycled back into the water container through a drain in the side. I surrounded the shoot area with black plastic and used a black muslin backdrop behind, which you can see on the bottom.

One response

  1. Great photography! The models are beautiful, but pictures bring out a special quality in them. I know a lot of work went into creating the image.

    December 7, 2012 at 10:11 am

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