Wednesday 5.06.09

One image from the Joelle-KJ shoot on Monday night. Man… can she pose!

This was the second look on Monday night:

My observation for today is the seemingly free-flowing terms of affection placed into some of the comments and tags I get from time to time. Since when am I loved by people I casually know? Perhaps I have worked with someone once or twice or even more. Perhaps some of those images worked out fairly well. That should probably cover it in my opinion. Yet, I am completely either baffled or put-off somewhat when casual acquaintances insist on sharing the love. The love, man. Don’t we save that for the real deal anymore? Even though I’m currently living in the 00’s, maybe I still have a little of the 1950’s idealistic thinking going on that says you save that word for when you really mean it. Casually throwing it out there… I don’t know, somehow seems to reduce the importance of the word.

But, what do I know? I love a great spaghetti sauce. You know, the kind that is full of crap, mighty tasty and does not run all over your plate? The kind that when poured over your pasta just seems to wrap itself around each noodle as if it is holding on for dear life. That kind. Ok, love it? Maybe. Maybe I should express it as something more like “enjoy with extreme pleasure”.

Let’s try that one and see how it works. It would go something like this: I am looking at the proofs from our shoot the other night and I am “enjoying some of the images with extreme pleasure”

Eh… maybe not.


Adding a little more… an explanation.

I had entered the top image in the picture of the day competition today. I received a vote and then a message suggesting that I had violated the rules of the contest by displaying the “areola and nipple” and as a result of my foolish behaviour, it would be disqualified. I argued a bit and another photographer actually removed his entry in protest to my disqualification. But in the end, not that big of a deal. I found another similar image which also does not display… and emphasized it a little bit. That’s all.

One response

  1. joan

    so..I probably shouldn’t say something like ” ZOMG!!! I love that picture!! I am so in love with your work!!”
    k, I won’t.
    I will say that the three images I have seen from this shoot are off the hook ~

    May 6, 2009 at 5:11 pm

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