Sunday 5.10.09

Happy Mother’s day. My mother passed away in ’96 but I think that she would dig (some of us old guys spit that phrase out once in a while) some of the work I did today with Trinity. Mom was just that cool. Of course, if she thought I was putting some of these women at too much risk I’m sure she’d come back to haunt me… something she often threatened to do. I have not noticed anything strange going on so I must be doing ok for now.


Trinity Is an awesome model with a great personality. Many times I have found that a second shoot will turn out better than the first. This was my first shoot with Trinity and I think we managed to come out of it with some impressive work. If there’s a second shoot… man, look out.

So, back to Mom’s day. I don’t know if anyone reads this stuff and I don’t know if you have a Mother, or what your relationship is with the woman. All I can tell you is that someday she will be gone. If you have an opportunity to say something nice to her today, please do. You may not have the chance one day.

Have a good one…

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