Thursday 5.14.09

Carrie Prejean, Swine Flu, The Economy and Bailouts, Water Boarding…

Yeah, like I was going to cover all of that here on the blog today. Nope. Instead I’ll mention something else that made me shake my head today and then consider myself a complete dork for not making more of a point of it at the time.

Today was a considerably busier day than usual. I was actually getting a lot of things done and able to talk with several customers as they came in and out of the shop. Sometimes people just swing by to visit about nothing special and I’m able to continue working while the chattering goes on. Many other times I’m guilty of doing too much bullshitting about random things.

A customer came in to pick up an order this afternoon. I’ve worked for the man on several projects and have come to know a little about him, what he does, some of his history. I seem to have this knack or curse or gift of people coming in here and telling me many many more things than I certainly need to know.

We were discussing random things. The man has a PHD, was an educator, is a business man, was in the service, is semi-retired as well as working for himself full time. He is probably in his 60’s and I think generally is doing well. I also assume he has lived a life full of wonderful experiences. He is personable and articulate.

The time of day was later afternoon. From the time school gets out until around 5 or so, there’s a lot of traffic past the shop. People off work, picking up kids… kids walking home from school, people heading home. There’s a stop sign just up the street a bit, so things sometimes are congested for a small town.

In mid conversation with the man, he suddenly said “Well, will you look at that!” I turned to look out the window to see what he was looking at. Across the street on the far sidewalk were walking two females hand in hand. I would guess they were anywhere between 15 and 18. As I spied what he spied – and still in the middle of the other conversation – I just said something like “oh?” or “Ok”…

He went on and told me that they were holding hands. I said “yes, looks like they are” and continued with whatever else we were talking about. As we went back into the other conversation, I was also thinking that I was really kind of disappointed that he thought he had to point them out. I was struck by the thought that even though he had what I assumed was a rounded out life of experiences, the sight of two females holding hands, walking down the sidewalk was odd or wrong in his mind. I kind of figured who really cares? What harm or difference does it make? Why do I see that and think nothing of it and when he sees it – he sees it as something wrong? I don’t think any less of him. I’m just a little saddened that it has to be some kind of an issue. It was not like they were groping and fondling each other in an inappropriate manner out in public. They were just strolling along. Big deal.

Then I thought I should have said more to him or made an issue out of it, but did not. People have their opinions whether I agree with them or not. It would be nice to see a little more open-mindedness sometimes though.

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