Friday 5.29.09 The Wee Hours.

I found some time today to go back through some older images for a little updated editing. This image was taken in March of 2006. The model is Nicole.

I’ve been using a Canon 20D for a few years. I really don’t remember how long – I think I got it in 2005. Prior to that I was using a Fuji. Prior to that, other crap that at the time was “ok” enough to use to take snaps of some of my sign projects. Things evolve, get better… I hope. Later today I’m investing in a Canon 50D – woo and hoo. I’m pretty excited. For those of you that may actually read this, I’ll have a new camera to break in. Wanna help?

UPDATE: Got the camera after finding the place… after the guy forgot to tell me that they had moved… ugg. But…….This camera is like Holy Crap! Wow.

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