Saturday 5.30.09

Getting ready for a wedding.

So, I went out and got this new camera today. A canon 50D. Seems like a lot of what I do becomes some kind of long drawn out adventure. Some of the back story on this is that I had planned to upgrade the 20D for a long time. The 30 and 40 came out and I kind of drooled a little. The 50D came out, I drooled a little more. In the time I’ve used the 20D I have also kept up to speed on a lot of other things like CS upgrades and Lightroom. There are a bunch of other little plug ins and helpers available now that were not available in past years which allow me to grab things out of images that I would not have looked for previously. That being said, I still wonder sometimes how much trickery I need to try to pull off to make something look interesting. It is a constant struggle in my head.

My father is also a photographer and has been for many more years than me. Until just the last 3 or 4 years, he was all film. No problem. He has probably made more money shooting images over the years than I ever will. I consider him succsessful at what he does. I had made suggestions that he get into digital. Eventually he purchased a Canon XTI and seemed to be fairly pleased with it.

Several weeks ago he called me to ask about mounting his old flash to a new camera. Into the discussion I asked what this new camera was. He said a 50D. I probably called him a name, maybe not out loud. The 20D has been a great camera but I seem to have some battery contact issues every so often. With this wedding coming up today, I did not want anything to fail so I hustled out a few extra jobs and made the leap. I’ll use the 20D as a backup. Dad will also help me with the wedding… should be a good time.

Getting the camera of course was another adventure. I called the other day and the camera store guy told me that he would have it in on Friday around 11:30am. I had a few things to take care of here in the morning and then some customers started finding their way into the shop. While one guy was in here looking through recent images, another guy came in for some vehicle lettering. The logo only took a few minutes to knock out, I would have to cut it and asked if he wanted to come back around 3 for me to install it. He was a little shaky on the price but wanted it done, or some of it done for now until biz kicked in a little more. I walked him outside and told him to come back at 3… I’d just go ahead and do the complete job today. I told him to put down what he could and we’d worry about the rest later. He was pretty pleased with that idea. Yeah, I never said I was a good business person but I was feeling good about going out to get a new toy.

I went to Madison to pick up the camera. Traffic was snarky in a couple of places due to construction, but no big deal. I’ve been to the camera place a couple of other times and seem to always get messed up finding the place to access the frontage road. This happened again today. Figuring I missed the turn, I backtracked. Hmm, where in the hell is this place? I must have driven around for 30 minutes wondering why I could not see the building. I then wondered if they had moved or something. I stopped in another local store and asked if anyone knew where it was. Yeah… they moved. Not sure where.

It was one of those days where I did not bother to bring the cell phone, the clerk was good enough to let me use the phone… and his yellow pages to call the place. The guy at the camera store said he was sorry… yes they had moved. He then gave me even crappier instructions on how to get to the new place. I finally found it and of course was all torked off when I finally parked. Eh, that did not last. I finally had the new camera.

Of course, by the time I got back to the shop it was getting close to 2:30. I still had this lettering to do. The lettering guy came in early and I did his vehicle. Then another couple of people wandered in for some other stuff… now it is 3:15 and I was supposed to pick up my 17 year old from school at 3:05. Lucky it was a nice day for a walk. He did, but did not think it was so nice.

Just the usual stuff. I’m sure this wedding will be another adventure as well.

In the meantime, I did a little editing:

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