Sunday 5.31.09

Wedding adventures.

In the end, all is done and it turned out well. Rewind to around 3:00pm yesterday… I arrived at the hotel ready to take pictures of the Bride and her girls getting ready for the wedding. At that time, the Maid of Honor and one of the bridesmaids were there kind of chilling a bit and waiting for the Bride. She was out having hair and makeup done and as far as I knew running a little behind. She pulled in around 3:30 or so and was a little torked about the makeup job. No worries, soap and water can take care of that plus a little re-do. (understand that this is coming from my perspective so I may be completely full of crap) Eventually I went into the room to take a few shots. Everyone was dressed and the Bride was writing her vows on a piece of paper. The limo was scheduled to pick them up at 4:30.

Just a little before 4:30 the Mother of the Bride spotted a white limo driving around in what appeared to be a lost manner. I wandered outside and saw the limo pull into a nearby gas station. I walked over and asked if this was the limo for this particular wedding… he said yes and I pointed him in the right direction. Limo arrives, girls get in, I get into my vehicle and am about to leave. I’m wondering if I should just wait for the limo to pull out or just scoot by them and try to beat them over to the location. The limo sits for a few extra moments and I decided to go ahead. As I got up near the front of the limo, I noticed a huge plume of white steam coming out of the hood. Anti-freeze was all over the parking lot and on the hood of the car. This limo was not going anywhere, so I thought. I talked to the driver… he was calling for a backup that was 15 minutes away. I decided to go ahead. The girls told the driver that they would wait a bit but would also resort to their own cars if needed.

Later I found out that this guy DID drive this car to the location with the girls inside. Seems like a pretty dopey move to me, but that’s just me. They did provide the backup limo once they had arrived. This would now take them to the reception.

The wedding went well, the day had turned out to be very nice. Their choice of location was stunningly beautiful.

I also had my father come over to shoot this with me as I am not much of a wedding guy. I have never really seen him work a wedding and I was kind of stunned and amazed how he worked through the group shots after the ceremony. He knew his stuff and what should come next. It was easy to recognize so I relied on his expertise.

Next, it would be off to the reception. Communication problem ahead, or behind…

Since pretty much everyone involved was in some branch of the military, when they told me that the reception was at the Armory I assumed it was the National Guard Armory just down the road. No one was there. Oh crap.

Little did I know that there was another reception place named “The Armory”. We found it and went on with the reception shots. In the end, it all turned out well. Maybe I’ll do another one some day.

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