Thursday 6.4.09

Kinda bummed.

All in all it has been a great busy week. The weather has been decent and most of the projects due this week have been completed minus a couple of things due to late delivery of materials. Things have been busy enough that I’ve even pulled in a couple of extra people to help out, which is cool. I seem to always be more motivated when I have people working. Maybe it is because I feel as though there is no reason to allow them to see me slacking off which I actually do once in a while.

Along with good things that are happening this week, I got some other news that is eating at me a little. I’ve known for some time that the day care situation for my grandson would change. He currently is in day care here in town and I pick him up to stay over a couple nights each week. He’s been with us for 3 and a half plus years for at least 2 nights each week. Prior to just recently it was quite a bit more. I knew things would eventually change as his Mom has made some changes and his current day care deal just does not fit anymore. So, I’ve been informed that next week will be our last week with him.

I should be happy. I should be happy that his Mom is getting her stuff together and things seem to be working out. I should be happy that I’ll have the time I’ve wanted to do the things I’ve wanted to do after raising all of my own kids plus step kids… but I really don’t feel like that. In reality, I feel as if it is a great loss when I know at the same time that it is the way it is supposed to be. I’m going to miss the shit out of him. It is harder than I thought it would be.

And if that was not depressing enough…

One of my regular customers is a retired engineer. In his lifetime and now in his retirement he rebuilds and restores small machinery, tractors, small farm equipment. The reason he comes to me is that I provide him with replica labels for the restored equipment. He also knows a lot of other people that are into the same things that he is into, so he also orders things for them.

There’s an order I am working on for him that has not been completed yet. It was never anything pressing, so I seem to always move it to the back of my to do pile. When he is in the area, he stops in to see how the thing is coming along. It is usually never done and then we just shoot the shit and I’ll see him in another few weeks.

Some back story on this guy: He has family around the Duluth MN area. He owns a small bunch of acreage just outside of town here in Wisconsin. Last year they decided to put the place up for sale and buy another place around Duluth. They found a great deal on a place that belonged to some little old lady that wanted to move into town. The place here was put up for sale. (yeah, not the best time to do that)

So, he and his wife moved things north last fall. They started building a new structure to house his projects. The place is nice with lots of wildlife… as he describes it and from the pictures he has shown me, it is beautiful. He has traveled back and forth for more loads of items, to check on the house, to come talk to realtors, to maybe rent it out and then not rent it out.

I had not seen the guy in a couple of months – until today. He came in to check on labels. During the shoot the shit session he asked me if I had heard that his wife had just passed away. What? No, I had not heard this. She was 62. At the end of April she was not feeling well and went to the doctor. She died 11 days later from cancer. There was nothing anyone could have done and according to him, just doing the biopsy would have killed her. Prior to that she had no problems, symptoms, pain… nothing.

So just like that, she’s gone. Talk about a huge change of plans. All of my life I have known and worked with and for people that were a lot older than myself so I have seen a lot of people pass on. It is never a pleasant time. We all know it will happen but sometimes it really seems like an extra kick in the nuts the way things turn out.

So what good do I get out of this? Maybe a sense that I need to appreciate some things a little more than I have. Maybe a sense that I should enjoy things as much as possible and encourage other people to enjoy things as well. Maybe it is the kick of reality and mortality that I need every so often. Maybe I take a little of these people and share that thing, that story, that interesting item or kindness or knowledge with someone else. Maybe I make an effort to do something with the rest of my time that will inspire someone else to do something good.

Sorry for the bummer post. It just seemed like this was on my mind a lot today. I’ll go back to something more positive or a complete rant about someone doing something dumb very soon.

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