Tuesday 6.9.09

Coasting along.

I’m starting today’s entry with nothing but random thoughts. All in all, things are good. The weather could warm up and dry out a bit and things would be better.

I guess my first observation today is that sometimes when I go and read blog info on other blogs… I just go into glaze over mode and start to skim though it. Sure seems like a lot of crap to read through to ever get to some kind of point. I’ll save you a lot of trouble today and tell you up front that I don’t have any vital point to make today, so if you just want to come back another day I will completely understand.


Holy crap. I’m not completely stupid. I’ll accept partly stupid about a lot of things but I’m not completely stupid about everything. Knowing that, I still am galled by some of the misspellings and sentence structure that some people use when writing a post. I absolutely know that any day I read anything online I will come across this crap and I am still surprised. Maybe I am completely stupid for thinking that one magical day people will suddenly get a handle on being able to write a sentence in a manner that I can understand. Yeah I’m getting to be an older guy but I’m not stuck in the sentence structure of the Victorian era. The combination of misspelled words plus abbreviated words like “how ru” just make me want to spit.

I am of the foolish belief that if you know how to communicate, you may be able to do better things or do things better. If I have to decode everything that people write either to me or in a blog with the expectation that I will read and comprehend what they are saying… forget about it. Does everyone communicate like this? Am I stuck back in my English class with Mr. Hatfield?

I was never much of a math guy. English was cool. Math was rigid, it had to be done a certain way and you would get a certain result. English could be manipulated in such a way as to make you feel what was going on, smell the smells, see colors while looking at black ink on a white page, imagine a voice based on the description of a character. Words could allow you to think and plan and dream. Words were important. Now, it seems as if we want to communicate using as little actual language as possible. Just a few years ago you never heard anyone talk about how they “texted” someone. Today this is considered a conversation. Technology is great but that just sucks. Tweet that.

The new camera.

Not quite 2 weeks old at this moment. I shot a wedding with it. I have been itching to put it to work since then. I guess I did go out and shoot a helicopter during grade school recruitment day last week but other than that everything has been quite snapshot-ish. Tomorrow I have an opportunity to shoot an event in Madison. This may lead to something and maybe it will not. I never have my hopes up too high on stuff like this. I am always just more concerned that I get some decent work for these people without stepping on the Governor’s wife again. I guess I will have to clean up a bit, shave a little and wear something more like a suit instead of my usual paint splattered jeans and work boots. The last time I did something like this the photos wound up in the Cap Times credited to “Submitted Photo”. This time I think they’ll actually use my name.  Beyond that is graduation this weekend. Still not the kind of shooting I want to do but I guess if I look at every opportunity to shoot as an opportunity to learn something I’ll feel better about it.

This is a shot looking at San Francisco from the Sausalito side. I wish I had a few street car shots… I probably do but did not see them when searching through some of these files. San Francisco is pretty darn cool in my opinion. I can’t imagine anyone ever being pissed off about anything when you are riding on a street car in San Francisco. If you are, you really have some issues.

Until next time… learn how to spell something.

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