Monday 6.15.09

You spammed me?

We all get spam email or at least I think we all do. If you are not then let me know how you do that. Even great filters don’t do that… filter. One tricky thing that I have noticed is the many many ways to misspell just about every word you write but in some way it still makes sense to read it. If I edit my spam filters to eliminate a certain word, it only eliminates that word – the way I typed the word. It does not scan for similar misspellings of that word. So, there’s that.

But that was not my point. Not to sound like I have a big head or too much ego or anything, I hope… I’ve been around the web for a number of years. In those years I have (in my mind anyway) developed and grown and polished up some of my work to the point where some people actually request to shoot with me. In no way am I turning people away left and right but there are more people looking at my work, commenting on my work and some do want to plan to work with me.

So, now I am finding that there are a bunch of other people, some I know and some I sort of know, many I don’t know that are adding tags to various web pages with information about things that I would have absolutley no interest in attending. They are not sending me a private message to tell me of an event, or a contest that they are involved in, or a workshop they are planning… they are posting this crap on a main page of a site where everyone else that comes to take a look at my work will see it. I do not endorse any of these events, I have not participated in years and yet I now have become a vehicle in which to promote someone’s other crap. Not really a big deal as I can delete most of it. It just amazes me a wee bit that some people think they have balls enough or permission to use me as a promotional tool.

Well, knock that crap off.

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