Monday 9.15.09 Part 2

The end of a few things for now.

It was a long weekend. The end of a longer week preparing for the weekend graduation. Places to be, people from out of town, out of state… relatives to somewhat impress. There was worry about the weather, if there would be enough food, should I move the dog, will it all end at least pleasantly. In the end, all went surprisingly well I think. Not that I had a whole lot to do with it as my wife is the planner and I’m just a guy that can move stuff around. People arrived on time for most things, the weather stayed remarkably nice and the dog was so well behaved that I suspected he was not our dog at times.

We have one more kid in high school. He’ll be a senior this next school year and then all 5 will be in some form out on their own. Some are married, some in college, some in between. My 17 year old son left to spend the summer with his mother this afternoon. He has no real plans for work at the moment but will be looking. Being 17, having a vehicle, wanting to be out doing things with friends… all takes a little pocket money. I’m guessing that some of his summer will be spent working for me in some fashion. Saying goodbye today was kind of a kick in the gut.

More gut kicking.

Tonight is our last regular overnight with my grandson. As mentioned in a previous post, he has spent part of every week with us since he was born. Actually, I guess he was 2 weeks old when he started staying over night on a regular basis. We’ve done all of the things that real parents do with their real kids, even if it was not completely full time. I knew this was coming but I never figured that it would be this hard. I choke up just thinking about it and writing this.

So, here he is as of the graduation party this past Saturday. His version of an Indiana Jones hat along with a trusty non-working flashlight in the middle of the bright afternoon sun. Once again, out on some kind of adventure. We have a play structure in the back yard… he did not seem to mind very much when his older cousin rode him down the slide several times. He wound up quite scraped up, bloody and dirty but also had a ball just being a kid on a nice day. A few bandages and cleanups later, he was ready to go all over again. His Dad dropped him off last night as the crew of cousins were to hit the zoo today. He had recently visited the zoo with his day care, so he was pretty proud to show everyone around as if he was some kind of expert. I did not go but was informed that he had a great day other than some bird ripping off a screech in his ear at some point.

Tonight he played with relatives and said goodbye, took a bath and then we told stories. “Talk the story” is what he says. It did not take him long to fall asleep. Tomorrow will be our last day to drop him off at day care, or as he puts it, “his new school”. I just know that this is going to be a tough morning. I’ll try to not let him know how I’m feeling about it. Thanks for 3 and a half great years, Max. I love you.

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