Tuesday 6.16.09

Back to the bind or grind…

Well, I thought it was the final day this morning. Things were as hard or harder than I thought they would be but we managed to get my grandson off to his final day of local day care. I put his lunch in the fridge, gave him a hug and watched as he ran off to play with the other kids. At that moment it was hard for me to see all the way to the other end of the room. We left. I figured that was it. I got a call later in the day asking if I would pick him up and his mother would pick him up later in the evening. I was happy to do it and knew full well that all of the feelings of this morning would come back again tonight. They did. On our way home from day care we did our usual landmark recognizing. One of the running conversations has always been to mention my shop as we pass it. He’ll say that it is Grandpa’s shop. I’ll tell him it is his shop and then he’ll select another bigger building nearby and suggest that this other place would be his shop. This time he told me that my shop was “our” shop. We shook hands. I imagine it will be very quiet around the house for a while now.

So, back to work, back to figuring out all of the cool new things that this new camera can do. I think I’m pretty amazed so far. With all of the other things going on over the last couple of weeks, I really have not had a great opportunity to rip into it here in the studio. This should change over the next couple of weeks as I have a few things scheduled. In the mean time, I was going back over some older images.

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