Friday 6.26.09 followup

Ranting. My favorite thing to do. Sometimes I don’t know how my day would be if there was not something to go off about. I hope I can mix some positive things into this blog once in a while so that I don’t just come off as some grumpy old guy all of the time. So, here goes:

By now it is fairly easy to deduce that I take some photos from time to time. It is not my full time deal but it is something that I am very much interested in doing and doing better. The title here is Jsvexperimental. The first three letters are my initials, the last part kind of mentions “experimental”, as in I’m on here to show some of the things I am working on, have worked on, am thinking. Nothing is ever in stone and my hope is that as I progress, I will get better at this. I’m not here to find a full time job, get rich, get rich overnight, be discovered, sell anything, get laid, learn another language or win the lottery. I’m here to do what I do at my pace if and when I want to do it. Once in a while I do actually make a couple of bucks here and there, and that’s good. The money part of it though is not why I’m doing this. At this moment in my life I am very interested in photography and feel like it is a great way for me to be and remain creative as well as meet new people, old friends and just have fun with it. So, now that I have given you the official Mark Sanford introductory explanation minus any references to God, here’s my point…

I contacted a model some time ago about working together. She mentioned that she was all over the area, I told her that if she was ever in the area, I would be interested in working with her. At that moment, she probably had a great opportunity to look me up and see what I do. She responded saying she was a few hours away and would be very interested in shooting.  A few days later she contacted me again and asked what I was thinking, what my plans were. I responded with “I’m interested. I have no details in mind at the moment other than continued rope work of some kind”. We had not discussed (and still have not discussed) any particular type of shoot so I suppose I was being rather vague. Then I noticed that she was only taking paid assignments. I also mentioned that… and that I was not interested in paying for anything. Next, could I pay for gas? Her car evidently gets good mileage. I told her it was possible but possible is not agreeing to pay for anything. I suggested that she take a look through my work and let me know if there was anything that interested her. After a few days she responded. She told me that she definitely liked my work, would like to be in my portfolio… and then wondered if any of her rules listed on her portfolio would conflict with what I wanted to do – this is all without ever discussing what exactly we were going to do. I looked them over and found that I did not agree with them. I let her know and told her thanks. She wanted to know if there would be any more discussion about it. I replied with my reasons.

Whew. A long read and I’m sorry but this is the gritty behind the scenes stuff that goes into or does not go into an image. My side-unrant to this is that I don’t blame her or anyone for ever trying to get ahead, ask for something, get paid for something, get something for free. Hell, who would not want a deal like that? I shop around for materials… and usually tell a person when I think they are too high on something – usually something where I know the value. Maybe we negotiate. I do the same damn thing and would encourage people to go for whatever they can whenever they can. In the end with me though, I’m not paying for it. I guess I figure that I have spent a great deal of time getting to where I am at the moment and that I have no reason to change the game plan. Do I pay models? Yes, once in a while I do. I guess that my feeling is that people can see what I can do or what I have to offer. If any of that looks like it would help them, I’m glad to be Mr. Helpful. If there’s something specific that they want me to do that is out of my normal deal, yeah, I can shoot that but I’m charging you for it.

Now that I have that off my chest, I’ll step out back for a smoke.

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