Monday (ok, tuesday really) 6.29.09

The Sunday Recap…

Sunday turned out to be a great day much more than weather wise. I had planned a shoot with Kenni for 10 am. After some time off from regular shooting it was going to be great to have a human to work with once again. Driving 5 hours from Iowa, Kenni showed up right on time in our dinky little town. We went over a few ideas, looked at clothing that she had brought along and made up a tentative game plan on how to proceed.

First item up was a Lolita Outfit. Once again I was schooled a bit. I’ve seen these outfits from time to time and there is a lot – and I mean a LOT –  of detail to these. They are not your regular Wally World Halloween costume. Layers and layers of pinks and ruffles, bling and bling and did I mention a lot of pink? Even with the air conditioner running, it was easy to become overheated in this outfit. Next came more pink and ruffles in the way of a tutu… and that was pretty much it. Kenni dances and has great moves. Once I get through some of the images I will post them.

Lunch came next at the local eatery. We found later that the quesadillas did not quite agree. Damn Quesadillas.

Back in for a few more outfit changes and then to the great outdoors. Once again we walked the local creek and got wet. It had been about a month or so since I was back there and found that things had grown quite a bit since then. So did the bugs. Many a mosquito were waiting for us. If we stayed away from the bank and the heavy foliage, things were pretty good. Unfortunately, we did not do that and I have a few images of nice big welts. Back to the studio to get ready for some rope work and to remove the leech from my ankle. Yeah, a leech. Yuck.

The rope work went quickly and turned out pretty good. We loaded her images on her laptop and away she went at around 8:30 pm. She still had 5 hours to go to get home. She did check in later today to let me know she was not food poisoned, West Niled, rope burned or anything but tired.

Kenni turned out to be a great model with a great personality. She is graceful as well as shapely and I believe could pull off a great many different types of modeling. I wish her great success.

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