Wednesday 7.08.09

Ropes, the weekend, the week.

Not necessarily in that order. I suppose I should start with the weekend. It was a very quiet 4th around here. On the 5th we made our regular trip south to visit the Illinois family crew for a 4th picnic. Kids played, old farts talked. Only one tick was found. In the end, we were able to collect Max and bring him home for an overnight. It was great to have him back. In the couple of weeks that I had not seen him or talked to him, I was almost a little worried about how I would handle seeing him. I did not want to lose it. We enjoyed our night together. Next morning, I scooted out before he woke. My wife was going to have him in the morning a bit and then return him home before going to work. They stopped in to say hello and goodbye before they left… and that was hard.

We had stopped on the way back from Illinois to find him a pair of sneakers. All he had on were flip-flops… and we thought something a little more industrial would be better. He found some Spiderman sneakers… but the best part for him was the box that they came in. That night and the next morning he stuffed every cool thing he could find into that shoe box and carried it everywhere he went. I found out this morning that his mom threw the box away. Oh well, it was fun and important for a little while.


A little rope work this week. I had an opportunity to collect a table recently and thought it would be nice to use as a prop. Joelle came to the studio on Monday evening sporting a brand new tattoo. I’m always just stunned when someone who does not model models the way she does. I feel pretty grateful that she has allowed me to work with her. She is pretty amazing.


Tuesday night I shot with Tamara. Again rope and the soon to be semi famous crappy old table. Here is another model that can rock a pose. Rocking a pose while confined in rope is always extra special.

Tonight I shot the table and rope once more. This time with Jenifer. I’ve worked with Jenifer previously when I was a little less experienced with some of the ties I am doing more recently. We had discussed the possibility of shooting again but had not managed to get it together until tonight. I think it was worth the wait as she made that old table look pretty damn good. So… last but not least (I had to write that because I know she will read it) here is Jenifer:

I have to and want to thank all of these women for coming out to shoot and trusting me not to cause severe injury. Joelle may have a few extra lasting rope impressions though. Sorry, Joelle.

I hope that with the rope work I can continue to show that it can be an interesting and beautiful thing, as are all of these women.

2 responses

  1. Great job. Of course it’s easier when you have great models, right? I’ve worked with all of these women, though with Joelle it was only as a MUA, and they are all outstanding.

    July 9, 2009 at 2:24 am

  2. joan

    not to brag or anything, but i totally still have the burn around the arms. oh yeah. that’s hardcore šŸ˜›

    July 10, 2009 at 9:52 am

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