Saturday 7.11.09 before I make eggs.

So, I got up early this morning thinking about what next. As a person taking photographs once in a while I really don’t want everything to be rope but after a week of it I am trying to think about ways to make things look varied and interesting. Light and shadow will play into a lot of how something will look but what other combination of rope and human can I come up with? A lot of it is kind of like I have a rough game plan and then watch it develop as it develops – if that makes any sense. I am thinking along the lines of immobilization, shape, design. Here’s a rough idea:

I am thinking that the final image would be somewhat statuesque, showing confinement and immobilization. The ropes from arm to wrist and then wrist to leg should keep the arms extended while perhaps secured behind. A rope from neck to feet and/or secured elbows should with a little pressure keep the back arched and chest/abdomen thrusted forward. The rest of it would be the pattern or design on the torso, just for extra detail.

Any takers?

Now, I’ll go make some eggs.

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