Saturday wee hours: 7.11.09

It was a long busy week of the table. I’ve enjoyed the table just enough to be ready to retire it for a while. The people who graced the table this week all did awesome work and I just don’t think I can or want to top it with more. Overkill. Maybe a new table.

I think that one of the funky things about this one table is just that… I saw this table on a porch and immediately thought it would work for some sort of bondage theme. I had 2 actual people scheduled for this week and then 2 somehow turned into 5 in 4 days. I’m getting older… I was kind of feeling it every morning this week. One more random person coming in on Sunday from Chicago… I think I’ll stick the table out back so I am not tempted to use it.

One dumb light…

I don’t know what the deal is but I have this one strobe that seems to not want to ever fire when I want it to fire. 3 times this week I have pulled it out of the studio with plans to tear it apart to see if there was something I could fix. Every time I attempted to work on it – I could never get it to NOT work. Every time I took it back into the studio to use it – it was unreliable. Hmmm. I’ll continue to work on this.

Last but not least (there, I used that one again) I was handed a copy of a CD cover that I shot for the band Bellevue Suite. I was happy to get a copy and glad I could participate. I then listened to the music… wow, I sort of had an idea that these guys were pretty good but I must say I was really surprised at how I was thinking, while listening to them, that they were in fact very good. I encourage you to give them a listen. I just wish there was more on the CD… hey, I want more.

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