Monday 7.13.09

A new week.

I think I did the last of The Table series on Sunday afternoon. I say I think because the table turned out to be kind of funky cool, but I don’t want to overdo it. I say series because one shoot on the table turned out to be six in six days. Today was Fenne, from Chicago.

I’m pretty sure I’ll go into shoot withdrawal for a couple days or so this week. This should give me time to work on that one dumb light – I think that the fan is not turning and it overheats, so I will look into this more. It also gives me a couple of days or so to devise something new. There are a couple of things in the works. I suppose I should catch up on other work as well. Best news is that a missing pair of sunglasses was located on Sunday. We always try to go over things to make sure everyone has whatever they came with but these somehow got placed in a weird location.

Have a great week.

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