Monday 8.03.09

The week in review.

I’m just going back over the past week a little bit feeling the need to catch up. We sort of had the wind blown out of our sails the other day when we found out that a co-worker of my wife had been killed in a horse riding accident. Blogging seemed like not such an important thing to do. Sometimes life and death really suck.

Ok, last week.

I started out on Sunday with Trinity.



We have worked together before and I enjoy her very much. My current lighting situation is a work in progress so some of the images were a little off. I think she also felt that she was off that day as well. I have less problems with being “off” on a shoot or so… they can be good learning experiences. I also know that even with the best shoot I’ll have “off” images. I learn, reschedule and do it again.

More to come…

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