Monday 8.17.09

It has come to my attention that a few people actually read my dribble. Good and bad for me. I’m still not too sure what the good is other than some of the nice comments and other discussions that have come out of it. Bad for me because people I know, admire, respect and share grandchildren with read it from time to time as well. This makes me want to bone up on being a little more intelligent and/or informative here. Let’s see how it goes.

Saturday I shot with Kim. Kim was a UW student in Madison, has graduated and moved on to Law School in Milwaukee. Here is a person who astounds me. Not just your above average model here… Stuffed inside of her head are a great big giant pile of brains. With those brains she attends law school, works for the DA, knows fashion, is quite artistic (and when I say that I do not mean she just dabbles in it, she is really amazing) and from what she told me the other day also sews. If she is a good cook I might just have to consider a trade in one of these years.

I am kidding. See what you get for reading the blog?

Anyway… here are some of the images from the other day:






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