Tuesday 8.25.09


1. A general idea derived or inferred from specific instances or occurrences.
2. Something formed in the mind; a thought or notion.
3. A scheme; a plan

Often, I will read comments on photos in various places where you can leave a comment. The comments almost always interest me as much as the image. I want to know what people think when they look at something. I want to know how they react to it and why they react to it. There are comments that explain, critique and go into detail. All too often I come across the comment: “NICE CONCEPT”.

In my mind a concept has always been a plan of some kind or an idea. The definition above pretty much covers what I think a concept is. What I do not think a concept is – is the result of that concept. Example: In previous posts I show a concept sketch for an idea that I had. Sketching ideas on a piece of paper helps me to visualize the result and perhaps avoid problems. This not only helps with figuring out how to put someone in rope, it also can help you when you build your room addition or a rocket for space travel.

All of this stuff starts with a concept, it does not end with a concept. It ends with a result however lame that result might be. I feel compelled to mentally slap those “nice concept” people. I would attempt to carefully explain my concept of “concept” but a slap along side the head would probably take less time and make me feel better. They would not have understood the explanation anyway.

So… a concept:

I have an “Angel wings” shoot coming up soon. Angel wings, along with every other cliché such as railroad tracks, guitars, caution tape, selective saturation can be lame. So how do you figure out how to step it up a bit? I kind of have a vision in my head… I kind of sketched the concept. misc-9808I kind of see it as a contorted pose, the model angelic in some manner. Perhaps she is speaking or communicating with some unknown from above or below. The model will not be nude, she will be clothed. I also thought that instead of making this look like some kind of Victoria’s Secret knock off, I would like it to be more of something from the late Gothic to early or high Renaissance periods in the way it would eventually look. Kind of painterly.

The outfit would be more than wings and not quite lingerie. Perhaps there is some implied skin with nothing showing… only hints. The rest we can leave to the imagination of the viewer. So, in an attempt  to cover a bare butt, we come up with another lame concept: misc-9807We wrap it with some kind of cloth. Ohhh. What a concept. Other thoughts on this would be moody lighting, light flares, haze, black and white or brilliant glowing over saturation. Texture will be added. You will want to cry.

Ok, maybe you won’t really cry.

In the end, whatever it turns out to be, it will be a result. A result that came from a concept. I’ll still have someone comment on it with “nice concept”. If you think about it a little, you could almost take “nice concept” as some kind of back handed comment – as if they are suggesting that I had a nice concept but the result sucked.

Oh well. I suppose it is still better than “nice tits“.

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