Sunday 8.30.09

The week in some review…

It was a fairly busy week around here. Minus the rain and the damn near OCTOBER weather (at the end of August) it was not too terrible. We had a couple of Seniors in for pictures this week as well as a few other soon to be famous personalities. Well… if and when they become famous I’ll be sure to dig out this post. With some luck, some just might.

We started the week with Electro Tatiana on Sunday. Some quick and semi-painless rope work…


We shot a couple of Seniors (ok, I often say “we”… We is usually “me” but we makes it sounds as if we are a big deal. We are not a big deal.) as was shown in a couple previous posts.

Thursday evening was Angelica. Amazing as always. Colors popped, angel wings fluttered. I will update those in the next few days. I could just drop in what was shot but I know I am not ready to do that. Have patience, they will come.

Then… back to a little rope work with Ari.

To tell the truth, I had not really intended on this tie to become a suspension. It was a one leg down, one leg up kind of tie until she just raised that left leg. Suddenly, she was flying.

Today was a nice shoot with Stephanie. I had talked to her about pictures a couple of times prior to the shoot – actually heard her voice – and really imagined someone else coming through the door today. I was quite surprised at how stunning she is in real life.

The best part of the week was Max. Max came and spent the weekend with us. We had not seen him since the 9th. We had a lot of fun, joked around and played pretty hard. He will be 4 on Friday. We’ll go to a birthday party on Saturday and I will get to meet their new puppy. I still miss having him here on a more regular basis and the end of a fun weekend is still pretty tough. We’ll plan more adventures in the near future. He discovered how to wrap up a little rope and later found out that kids don’t bounce much when they belly flop off of the play structure in the back yard.

Future Rigger's of America

That’s about it for the week. I have a few new things in the works for this coming week… I should work on some better lighting. I should also probably throw a few sketches in here in the coming days.

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