Saturday 9.12.09

Reviewing the week.

Other than ranting around with customers (heard that the proposal was liked and would hear back… waiting, waiting) I did have a few photo sessions. We began the week with people listed in the previous post. I heard back today that Mona arrived back in New Orleans safe and sound.

Thursday night was a fun shoot with Joelle and Rae. Rae stayed behind the scenes and kept an eye on hair and clothing malfunctions as well as provided bubbles for the suspension shots. Joelle had not been suspended before. I consulted with Rae as Joelle was making a quick last minute pit stop. We decided that she should be suspended in a sideways position. Well, it started out that way and then Joelle proceeded to begin to do some acrobatics. The results were pretty interesting. I’ll post some and then more later…



Joelle also shot a little fashion…

A couple more of Mona:

One response

  1. brilliantly executed. the art direction is simply gorgeous.

    September 13, 2009 at 8:17 pm

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