Sunday 9.13.09

Believe it or not, I went to “Fighting Bob Fest” yesterday. What the heck is that? Click Here. I’ve gotta say, after a while I kind of thought I should not have been there. I did agree with much of what was discussed, most speakers were pleasant and made a great point. Many of the topics were topics that I have paid some attention to in the last few months. Even after paying some attention to them, I still thought that there were some extreme and unrealistic ideas floating around. I took a bunch of pictures that would represent the general feeling of who participates in these things. I do have the images but will post them at another time. To look at these one would believe that most attending were middle aged. I guess I am too – but I sure had the feeling that I was hanging around with some older dudes yesterday. Ok, I admit it, I’m an older dude too. Standard dress for BobFest for guys is a lightweight button down shirt – or a denim shirt… facial hair either white or peppered with gray, a drink container with fancy belt clip and a hat. Not any hat, some big floppy wide brimmed light colored for the most part hat. I guess I was just missing the hat and the drink clip. I did not check to see how many Volvo’s were in the parking lot.

Like I said, for the most part I was good with all that was discussed. There were a couple of people though – one especially – who kind of got my old Republican blood boiling. That old blood I thought was just about all gone. I guess way back in my head somewhere is a notion that one day, somehow, the current GOP will get their heads out of their asses and become the original “progressive” GOP again. I don’t see that happening any time soon.

This one speaker in my opinion was nothing but a blowhard rabble rousing person. The manner in which he presented himself and his statements was a shout fest to incite feeling and motivation with the crowd. Now, why in the hell would that be necessary when everyone in attendance is completely on your side? Outside the walls of BobFest, speaking to minds who don’t exactly align with his thoughts, I imagine a speech like this would have gotten someone injured. Namely, this guy. I wanted to pop him in the nose and tell him to back it down a couple of notches. The thing is, this is an intelligent man. I have heard him speak before. I know he does this on a regular basis, writes books and articles. He is no slouch. So, I have to think that he knew exactly how he was presenting himself and did so on purpose. I still do not know why he felt that he needed to do it that way. In my mind, rambling out what sounds like poison, hate and disgust is no better than what you would hear on the complete other side – the Rush Limbaughs and Glen Becks. I had hoped that we – in general – had evolved to become more civil in discussing things.

Anyway… on to today. Today I shot the wonderful, exciting and energetic Bunnilicious. We started with a couple of Goth Lolita outfits and progressed towards some kind of a suspension. Here are the results so far:


Till next time…

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