Wednesday 9.16.09

The whole race thing.

Well, not the “whole” race thing. I’d be typing forever if I tried to cover all of it. Some of it…

Coverage of the recent 9:12 gathering in Washington DC shows that there are a lot of people out there that seem to have some issues. Still. Ongoing. Turning everything in Washington into a race deal is just ridiculous. It is also embarrassing.

When I was a kid growing up in an all white town, I did hear jokes and/or racial slurs once in a while. As a kid I probably even participated in perpetuating some of that stuff. As I got away from home base and did some other things I found that I had no need to hear and/or participate in that kind of thing anymore. I think I somehow discovered that we are all different and much the same. Color did not matter much to me anymore, I was more in tune with things like whether a person was nice, friendly, intelligent, hard working, or a complete ass. Those things cover a lot of different colors.

I have taken pictures of a lot of different people, a lot of different races. Every once in a while I will hear a comment about this being a fairly white town. Yeah, I suppose it is for the most part.

When I voted for Obama, I had a few thoughts on race. I thought that it was about god damned time we elected an African American, or not completely white person, or a mixed race person. My initial thought way back about 3 years ago was that it would be some kind of poetic justice… The first African American President would come from the land of Lincoln.

After that initial thought I began to focus on what I thought was really more important: who did I think was best for the position. That is how I voted. I felt that what he had to offer was what we needed. Then the economy shit storm hit us. The previous administration certainly left a big stain for someone to try to clean up.

Tonight I watched former President Jimmy Carter make some statements on how he thought that racial tensions were bubbling back to the surface. Perhaps they are. Perhaps they were always there.

Or, perhaps, there is a group of individuals hell bent on having the current administration fail at any cost. What a damn shame. There are people out there raking up the muck and force feeding it to a bunch of “got-nothing-better-to-do-than-hate-for-no-reason-at-all-because-they-are-uninformed-and-have-an-I.Q.-of-6” people. It does not take much to get some people riled up and on the bandwagon, even if it is the bandwagon straight to hell. I won’t blame them, those people are people who will be molded. They are followers. They go with the flow because it is easy. There are a lot of them, so they can run in groups and call it a social life. The people that are instigating the hate are the ones that need to knock it off. Man, just think what it might be like if we did work more to come together on things rather than on how better to divide. My concern is that these instigators will cause too much damage and push us years backwards. I plan on being around for another 42 years. I hope that in that time things change for the better. I guess I’ve got 42 years to work it out.

On a happier note… Here are some bubbles:

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