Tuesday 9.22.09

Catching up, filling in.

It’s been a few days since the last post so I thought I would just take a minute to throw in a few things from this last week.

Thursday evening was rope with Joan Lee. While I was adjusting lights she had a little time to catch up on her reading.

Friday night, Colleen. She wanted some pictures specific for a project she is working on. So, a hog tie attempt. I almost cringe to call it a “hog” tie. I know what it is, what it is called but having dealt with real live hogs in my own personal history, no one ever did this to a hog. In my mind it has become a name used for a specific thing like Xerox or Kleenex.

She’s much too beautiful to be associated in any way with that name.

Saturday was senior pictures. No rope there. Then Monday night was Angelica, stunning as ever. Her color coordination is always the the best.

Finally, a little retouch of Carly Jo…


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