Thursday 9.24.09

Cancellation tonight.

Not a huge deal. Things happen, life goes on. I did hear from a cool as cool can get model earlier today and we’ll set up a shoot before Wisconsin goes into the freezer. I also had a little time to put together a couple of images from last night’s shoot with Electro T! With a name like Electro T! I feel one should always use an exclamation mark. So, Electro T!…


I was going to end it there as I thought I had nothing more to say. Then, I read some posts about the whole escort controversy… to allow them or not at a shoot.

Rather than add to the already lengthy debate that continues to go on, I’ll just throw out a few thoughts and observations based on my own experience. I really don’t care if someone comes with another person. Call that person an escort if you want. The people that have shown up – the extra people – have been friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, parents, children, spouses and sometimes pets. The only time that I have ever had any difficulty with anyone, or what I considered difficulty were two types of situations. Maybe three.

1. A new model. Someone new to modeling. Someone who has not been in a studio for any length of time and is unfamiliar with the way I do things and my crappy lights that I need to adjust from time to time… and they bring their boyfriend or girlfriend. The problem is usually that on top of being new to modeling, they are also new in their relationship. I have never had what I considered to be a jealous or over protective situation. What I have had is the inability to concentrate, focus and take seriously what is going on. This can be a distraction. It wastes my time if this continues throughout the shoot and certainly wastes the model’s time as well.

2. Someone brings a kid. I’ve had great kids in here and some not so great. The not so great are usually the ones that are expected to behave or stay still in this wonderful amazing room full of weird funky stuff. Nothing wrong with the kid, they do what kids do. I’m just concerned that they’ll get into something. Find a sitter for that day.

3. I have a lot of wardrobe here. Once in a while I’ll get some people that kind of leave the place looking like my brother’s bedroom used to look when he was in Jr. High. Yuck.

That’s about all of the issues I have with it. Once in a while I’ll read all of the other NO ESCORT rants in other photographer’s profiles. These make me laugh. I find it extremely funny when it severely cuts into their creativity, the magical bond and artistic flow that happens with this one on one relationship. What bullshit.

I’m thinking that if you don’t have your shit together enough to be able to compensate for someone else being around then you should probably be shooting non-humans.

The model above, Electro T! comes with an escort. The escort is her husband. These are two people that have their heads on the right way and know what they are doing. He is very helpful when needed and even though I have never suggested that he step back for any reason, I’m sure it would be no problem. I was disappointed last night when Electro T! told me that one of her scheduled shoots was canceled by a photographer when he found out that she comes with an escort. He evidently had some kind of bad experience once upon a time and now has a “No Escort” policy. Well, dude, that is too bad because you are missing out on a great model. I would recommend the Electro T! team to anyone.

Ok. Later.

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