Tuesday 9.29.09

Random Stuff.

Shooting some retro-ish things the last couple of days had me looking back through some older images. I decided to pull one out of the woodwork and polish it up a bit. The model is Tatiana.


Beyond that, today they start to discuss whether or not a “Public Option” should be included in the health care reform bill. I’m not even sure where they are adding and subtracting these items from anymore. I hope that these guys at least stay awake for the discussion. I am not a huge Michael Moore fan but I do find his take on a lot of things to be extremely interesting and eye opening. I watched an interview that he did in San Francisco recently and agreed with many of the things he said. One of these things is something that has been discussed by a lot of other news people and political experts, or pundits, over the last several weeks. The point being that the Democrats finally, after 30 or so years of being in the minority, have a chance to put something into place that they have screamed about for longer than that. I agree with and fear that when it comes down to this vote, the Dems will completely wimp out and allow this thing to fail. Not only fail, but allow the insurance people to totally get away with murder (or death by denial or red tape) as well as profits that would be out of control without the ability to get them under control. Recent polls indicate that 60 – 80 percent of the general population wants a public option. I certainly hope that this 60 – 80 percent are contacting their Representatives and Senators to let them know.

Other stuff…

So, when I am shooting in the studio I like to have some music playing in the background. I wired speakers throughout the building and have everything hooked up to the computer. We can also hook up your Ipod if you have one. I use Pandora a lot and usually play a wide selection of things. Every once in a while I have to tell Pandora that I am still listening to them. Recently, they started to limit your time to 40 hours per month. After that, you pay for the balance of the month or subscribe. Well, being the cheap ass that I am, when I saw that I had racked up about 39 hours this month I figured it was about time to look for another source.

I found one called Deezer. It has a large collection of non stop music. I decided that I would register so that I could develop a playlist. Trying to figure out the site, I somehow went back to see the profile I had just created. In it I had to give a name and my age and that sort of thing. There is a place where I suppose you can upload an image or avatar if you like. Since I have not uploaded anything, there is a black and white “male” figure. Next to that is says “50 year old male”.

Bastards. My birthday is not until Saturday. I’m still 49. Seeing “50” was kind of a kick in the ass. I guess I better start figuring out what I will do with the rest of my time. If Deezer has anything to do about it, I’ll be in the old folks home in about 4 years. I wonder how those older babes feel about rope?

One response

  1. joan

    the old ladies probably are a little scared of the rope, cuz it’s what the nurses use to tie em to the bed in the home. 😛

    September 29, 2009 at 9:38 am

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