Thursday 10.1.09

You gotta be freakin’ kidding me.

    I completely realize that there probably are not a whole lot of people out there that would take me – some half assed photography hack that ties up women – seriously. That said, I just want to make a point. Perhaps someone can disagree with me… explain my wrong thinking and make sense of it all.

    Two days ago the Senate finance committee voted down two Public Option amendments to their health care reform bill. As it is, the bill will allow insurance companies to make money more than ever before. If the Government forces you to HAVE health insurance, you will have to choose from the best of the crap health care that is available… at a cost determined by those insurance companies… along with whatever else those insurance companies decide is good for you, or really, what is best for them. If you have no health care insurance, you will be fined. Click the following: The fines would be the stick to enforce a proposed requirement that all Americans get health insurance, much as auto coverage is now mandatory. The penalties would start at $750 a year for individuals, and $1,500 for families. Households making more than three times the federal poverty level — about $66,000 for a family of four — would face the maximum fines. For families, it would be $3,800, and for individuals, $950.

    Let me stop a second and say that I’m no “Joe the Plumber” and I do not want to be one. I don’t want to be some guy that spews some randomly known information about something and be completely off target. I’m sure if someone pinned me down on a lot of information about all of this I would rapidly go into not enough info mode and consider myself to be some kind of ranting jerk. So, let me continue to try to make this point and I’ll try to not step into my own misguided bullshit.

    Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa made a comment that a Public Option would cripple and put out of business these insurance companies… that it would be a Government takeover.

    To that I say a couple of things. First, these guys have been dicking around with and manipulating people to their own advantage since day one. They have more money than they’ll ever be able to spend and part of that goes to lobbying to guys like Grassley to “do the right thing.” Grassley is worried about them?! If the bill goes through without a Public Option then little self employed people like myself could suffer. If I have an insurance company that limits my care or decides to end it for some reason or another then I am the one put out of business. There are a whole bunch of people just like me out there that would have the exact same problem. How come it is ok for us little guys to take it in the rear instead of those insurance companies?

    Last, They are not talking takeover, they are talking “option.” Right now there is no option available. 123.2 people die every day because they do not have health care. Tomorrow 123.2 people will die. Saturday 123.2 more. On and on.

    Some of these Democrats that are voting it down due to threat of not being re-elected need to wake the F up. Do the right thing and vote for it.

    Late night update: Today I watched John Boehner, House minority leader (R-Ohio) say that he has yet to meet a regular “American” who favors the option — despite polls showing that a majority of voters support to the idea of having the choice of a government plan.

    I decided to send him a message and tell him that I was interested. I guess I forgot to emphasize that I am in fact, an American. Whether he knows I am an American or not his bot responded with the following message:

    Thank you for contacting the Office of the House Republican Leader. Your thoughts are important to me and are appreciated. Due to the volume of E-mail I receive, it may not be possible to personally respond to your comments. However, please be assured that your comments are important to me and my colleagues.


    John A. Boehner
    Republican Leader

    If you wish to reach out and touch a Boehner yourself, go here:

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