Monday 10.5.09

It’s all downhill from here…

They found me. I expected it to happen. Reality just sort of sneaks up on a person, walks in the door and hands you this:

I decided to check out when I check out. The result looks like this:


Hmm. That only leaves me 39 years. I was hoping more like 42. Perhaps if I start doing all of the sensible things that I should be doing… quit smoking, eat better, sleep better, exercise… maybe I’ll get that additional 3 years. Maybe those will be 3 years of some god awful downhill spiral that I would not wish on anyone’s worst enemy. Going to be a tough decision, perhaps the people at AARP have some answers for me. I’m sure they do.

I was confirming my shoot schedule last night with Laureate. I had suggested an idea for a suspension – her response was positive and mentioned her hope that she would not die doing it.

My response was:
Yeah, but what a way to go. I’m personally not checking out until I am able to find a situation like this:

Jeff unfortunately died the other day rescuing a bus load of children from a burning building that was struck by an unmanned experimental jet liner during an earthquake in the middle of a tsunami. All children survived with minor injuries and pleasant memories of Jeff’s bad jokes. They also each received a copy of a coffee table book featuring Laureate. He was 93 at the time of his passing.

That’s how you f-ing die.

So far, my only claim to life saving fame has been to rescue some kid from a flopped over mattress. I was in the local sandwich shop with my lovely wife one day. There is an upstairs apartment with stairs leading up from the sidewalk just outside the sandwich shop window. It was moving day for someone and they had a pickup parked at the bottom of the stairs. As our sandwiches were being made, two guys loaded a queen size mattress onto the pickup. There was a kid with them – probably 8 – 10 years old. Since they had much more to load and wanted to save space, they propped the mattress on its edge and had the kid hold it in place while they went back to get the box spring.

Yeah, I was watching the whole thing and just knew it was not such a grand idea. The movers were upstairs, the kid was trying to position himself better in the truck. I started moving towards the door, my wife probably wondered what the hell I was doing and why was I about to leave. As I figured, the mattress over powered the kid and flopped down on top of him. Part of the kid was hanging out of the box of the truck. He had kind of a bug-eyed look on his face. I ran to the rescue, propped up the mattress, saved the kid and when the other two dudes came down with the box spring, gave them a stern look. Oohhh.

I’m thinking that the tsunami rescue sounds a little more heroic.

Anyway, here are a few things reworked recently…


Electro T!



By the way, if you are in town and looking for a great sandwich, go here: Click me. Hey… not to brag but check out the awesome logo work. Oh yeah, that makes you hungry.

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