Monday 10.12.09

Breaking this down a little so it makes more sense, so bear with me.

First, in my own mind I consider myself to be a fairly nice guy. Most of the time I do the right thing or try to, or at least consider it. In my younger days I know that much more information came out of my mouth than I knew at the time. I have always been rather sarcastic and a smart ass. In short, I should have kept my big mouth shut. In later years, as I discovered I actually knew much less than I thought I knew, so I tried to tone it down a bit and make the appearance that I am a somewhat civilized, mild mannered human. When the internet decided to allow me to write things down in a bold “could give a shit” manner, it was hard to resist. Up until now I’ve done pretty good.

So did you ever have one of those days? You know the day I mean. The day that you should have gone to work but decided to skip it when your Grandson called you and suggested that we should go to the museum and check out the dinosaurs? One of those days when you say to yourself, “Sure… sounds like fun.” So you close up the shop and head for home. You are excited and want to maintain that level of excitement for him. He is only 4 and his attention span on what is cool at the moment may change at any time. You grab a quick bite to eat and you all pile into the car. The New car. The car that your wife drives and is real happy about finally finding a vehicle that does not suck? Yeah, that one.

And did you ever have one of those days when you are all buckled in and headed towards Madison… you get about 4 miles out of town and some drunk bitch in a car traveling in excess of 100 miles per hour loses control on the corner just ahead of you?

This was one of those days.

We saw the car come around the corner and cross into our lane, then go off of the road and hit a mail box and swerve back into our lane again. My wife hit the brake and we came to a stop up against a road sign pole and smacked the front end of the car. We were otherwise all ok. The car passed us and disappeared. I jumped out of the car and ran back to see where this car was. 4 parallel skid marks along the road told me that the car had gone off the road and into the cornfield broadside. It rolled several times and had stopped about 30 or so yards into the field. As I was running up to the car (I was there in under 60 seconds) I quickly wondered just what the hell I was going to do once I got there. CPR? Maybe… it’s been like 35 years since I learned that. I had mentioned to my wife to call 911. I did not know that her phone was dead. Several other people by this time had come upon the accident and all were calling. As I was reaching the car, a voice from behind me yelled out “Is there anyone back there?” I got to the car and saw no driver. The car was crumpled all to hell. Debris was scattered all along the path mowed down by the car in the corn field.

I yelled back that no one was in there… they must have been thrown out somewhere. Just then I heard a voice from the other side of the car say “I’m over here… I’m ok.”

I went to the other side of the vehicle and found a woman sitting in a corn row, bloody forehead and it looked as if she might have had blood in her teeth. Other than that, no obvious broken bones, legs, arms. I told her that we have called 911 and she should just stay put. By this time, the voice behind me was along side. It was some other woman who got down right in this person’s face. The New woman said that she was a nurse. Well, cool. She also told me that she worked with the driver and that she would stay there with her. Ok, sounds good. More people were gathering about.

I knew we would have to stick around a while as we had a damaged vehicle. It was drivable but there had to be some paperwork done. By this time police, fire, ambulance, county deputies, and all kinds of official people started to show up. My wife and Max were out and going over the scene as well. I decided to grab the camera and take some shots of the scene, our car, the skid marks and whatever.

Then things got weird. The driver woman was walking out of the field assisted by a local officer, her co-worker and a some EMTs. They stopped near me. The officer asked the driver woman what happened. The woman pointed at ME and said that she had swerved to get out of MY way. What the fuck? Well, that was what went through my mind. What came out of my mouth was something more like “The hell you did! You came around that corner already out of control and were heading right for us.” Or something like that. Yes, at a tone somewhat louder than normal. It was about this time that the officer raised his hand to me and asked me to step back… he would talk to me later.

So now I’m really curious. I also find out that this “co-worker” was in another car racing at about the same speed as the first woman. Seems as if one was just a little ahead of the other. People at the scene were talking about how these two had passed them in no passing lanes at high rates of speed coming from Madison. The Co-worker also made some mention that they had gotten off of their shift and were celebrating at some local bar in Madison all morning until they decided to continue the party in Evansville. The co-worker also said that she was a passenger in the second car… that some dude that they had picked up in the bar was the driver of the second vehicle – that they had stopped when they saw the accident and now the “dude” has disappeared. One of the officers mentioned that this was not her original story.

Both of these women were intoxicated. Neither one should have been driving. My wife and my 4 year old Grandson were in their path and by some stroke of luck we were not killed today. They are professional women, both HEALTH CARE providers. Nurses. Probably one in her 30’s, the other mid to late 40’s.

Well no matter what you are, today you were just fucking stupid. Not only were you fucking stupid, you had the god damn gall to sit in that fucking corn field and make up some drunken bullshit story to make things good.

The driver woman went away in the ambulance.

The other woman was taken away in a squad car in handcuffs.

On any other normal day, these people are probably nice, normal, hard working people. Today they were just fucking stupid.

Here you can see where she came around the corner, into our lane, clipping the mailbox and then back towards her lane. She is going to be sideways in a split second. I took this from just in front of where we stopped our car.


Here you can see where we hit the brakes and headed out of the way into the ditch.


She entered the corn field broadside. When she went off the road, she took out several support wires to a utility pole… they wrapped up and around the other wires and were shooting sparks. The car continued to roll, spewing parts and the contents all along the way. If you look closely, you’ll see a small patch of still standing corn. This is where the car actually was airborne, missing that corn and ejecting her through the sunroof. She landed just beyond and the car stopped before rolling over her. I hope she shit her pants but I suppose she was not feeling much of anything at the time.


Another view of where she went into the field.


Max decided to take matters into his own hands. “You’ve pissed off my Grandpa!”


For that he was awarded the Jr. Deputy Badge. Woman #2 is cuffed in the squad car behind this dynamic duo.


Off to the museum we went. Lucky for us they had some fossilized poop to take the edge off an otherwise stressful trip.


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