Sunday 10.18.09


Today was probably one of the nicest days we are going to see around here for a while. I mowed. The yard looks pretty good. I mowed the shop. I mention this because I imagine that in the next couple of weeks or so I will be shoveling snow. The shop looks pretty good as long as you don’t look over at the neighbor’s debris. A select few have ventured over there with me to take some gratuitous trailer trash shots. Word is that they are going to level the place next year. Wonderful. The other word is that once again the street out front will be closed to any traffic as they put in a new bridge. Oh, the fun. Combine that with the mess next door and things should really look snappy around here in 2010.

Last week I shot Chriss. Some of the images are posted prior to this one. Chriss is the Craigslist model. Every once in a while a shoot goes really very well. The odds are pretty good most of the time that some of the images from a shoot will turn out ok. For a first time shoot with an unknown person, the shots from that day were just great. I took about 80 shots total. A couple of those, as always, are white balance shots so they really don’t count for anything use-able. The percentage of shots that work was very high. I know I spent a lot of time on them.

I also spent a little time on shots from Abby from the week before. Those also turned out pretty nice and the shredded dress idea worked out. I still think I want to see more shredded things for some reason. Ohhh, creepy.

So, here are a few of the images I played with this week.


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