Monday 9.19.09

Oh balloon boy family. These knuckleheads will probably write some damn book or sell the rights to some damn movie and make out like the bandits that they are. As I thought about this over the weekend, I decided that we all need a balloon boy break every once in a while. For a couple of hours we thought a little less about health care reform, war, whether or not Ralph Lauren had over “shopped” some model, whether or not Obama was a real US citizen or how much of a douche Glen Beck is. It was kind of like Christmas or Super Bowl Sunday. We just don’t have enough of those distractions. This distraction was great. No one got hurt. We know exactly who did it and where they are. We can all sit here and point and laugh and blog. I wonder how big of a balloon I would have to build to haul a suspension model across South Central Wisconsin? Now that would be cool.

In the mean time… Some of Monday night’s ropework.






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