Monday 10.26.09

I made it through the weekend.

It was a kid sleep over at the house this weekend. My grand kids… 2, 4 and 6. I have to thank my son, Nick, for pitching in and helping out. Bottom line, no one peed, pooped, threw up, had any issues. I did have to put the trike away a couple of times but other than that, no big problems. One of the more interesting things happened as we were getting ready to walk to the park. Before we left I wanted to make sure that everyone had used the bathroom. I don’t worry so much about Bryce as he is 6 and I figure that he’s old enough to know if he needs to go. I told Max that he better go pee before we go to the park. I was standing in the bathroom doorway and motioning him in as I was making the suggestion. He suggested that we both pee. Bryce heard this and thought he better get in on it as well. I opted out of the pee fest myself and just kind of stood in the doorway to make sure they were not pissing on each other or anywhere other than in the toilet. So, here are these two boys, 4 and 6, preparing to pee. Max suddenly yells out “SWORD FIGHT!” It struck me rather funny. A moment later he told his 6 year old cousin in a very casual and matter of fact fashion, “Hey Bryce, my peter is bigger than yours.”  I tried pretty hard not to laugh and just encouraged them to finish up so we could go. I had no idea he used the word “peter”.

On Sunday Max was left for the day so we had to go on a couple of adventures. He came and went home dressed as Indiana Jones, one of his favorite characters. In between, we discussed wonderful things like googly eyes and the fact that Astro Boy has machine guns in his butt. To do this correctly, you must chuckle a lot after you mention either of these.

My wife attended a Results meeting in Indianapolis over the weekend. Everything almost went well until someone backed into the newly (last Monday) repaired car. I guess we’ll be seeing another loaner this week.


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