Thursday 11.5.09

Actually, from Wednesday night. New model, Grace. We tried a couple new things tonight, or new to me. I guess it was new to her as well since this was her first time in rope. I think she did a very good job.





As I was getting ready to shoot Grace tonight I was thinking about shooting a brand new model in rope. This got me thinking about the general rundown of just about everyone I shoot like this. Working on this book the other night I started putting names into an index area. It looks like when I get this thing ready to go, or by the end of this year, I will have tied up somewhere in the neighborhood of about 40 different people. Some of those multiple times. Not all will be in the book, perhaps that’ll be part duex if part uno works out. So, I guess after everyone involved I sound like a broken record. Here’s the way most of these go, more or less.

We had discussed some of the basics in emails. When she arrived, I showed her where the shots would be done and explained that I still don’t have a bathroom in here – if you need to go you have to run across the street to the wonderful laundry mat. It works. It is actually pretty clean in there.

Next, we go over a couple ideas. There may be a progression of ties/images taken. Usually we start with something and end with something, take off the ropes and do some rope marks shots. These shoots generally take about 2 hours and lately I am averaging around 80 or shots in all. After that I go burn a cd or dvd while she gets dressed. We may go over some of the images. We take a quick look for leftovers in the studio and off she goes.

Prior to shooting and/or tying, I always check to see (especially with some one new) if they have any issues I need to be aware of. Diabetic shock, any recent accidents or surgeries or anything that may cause undo problems or stress from being bound or suspended. Once in a while people stretch a little, a good idea. During the tie I ask people to tell me if they are uncomfortable or are losing any feeling anywhere. I sometimes check hands and feet. Sometimes people who are “into” this a little more have a higher discomfort threshold and fail to say anything… on purpose. Some grind into their ropes a little more to add to their marks. Safety Scissors are nearby just in case.

I guess I mention some of this because I still see a lot of “bondage workshop” stuff out there that seems to forget to mention anything about, well, anything. They tend to suggest a giant party atmosphere with the urgency to write a check. Many times the models never have anything to do with bondage in their portfolios, which makes me a little unsure of what one would learn attending one of these. I did run across one workshop advertised recently which actually sounds wonderful. You can check it out here and here. I wish them a great deal of success.

Side note, My Mother would have been 68 yesterday. Yesterday 14 years ago was the last time I saw her, she passed away in 1996. I’ll bet she never dreamed I would mention her here. Maybe it sorta makes up for the time she sent me a bouquet of dead flowers for my birthday – at work. They looked great at a distance, all fall colors, so I thought. The card read: Happy Birthday, Thanks for the scar!

And you wonder why I am somewhat twisted.
Have a great night.

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