Saturday 11.7.09

Her hair was pretty amazing.

So, I do this stuff. Those of you that come here to read my babble or look at pictures on any kind of regular basis know some of my thoughts on a few things. Selfishly, most of the time, these are my thoughts. My thoughts are probably ever evolving and influenced by a lot of things, current events, past events, learning something new from someone or following up on some suggestion or ideas I had not considered previously. Amyhead

Sometimes I forget that the people I work with or to be more specific, the people I take pictures of – even more specifically the ones I tie up – are usually someone’s kid. Since I am quite old, some of these people are younger than some of my own children. Hmmm, that sounds just kind of off perhaps.

Yesterday’s post featuring Amy received a comment. When I get these comments from people they first filter though my email for approval if they are a first time responder. This saves me a lot of unwanted spammy kinds of messages clogging up the works. This comment was from Amy’s Mom. I think she was pretty cool about seeing naked pictures of her daughter on the internet. I am also sure that she would probably rather not.

This got me thinking a lot today about how I might react if I were to see or stumble upon these kinds of images of my own kids online. I think my first reaction would be “what the fuck?” I do have kids that have posted what I considered to be unnecessary images on Myspace and now on Facebook. In earlier years some of them were repeated shots usually of small groups of people at some party looking trashed with a smoke, a drink, flipping off the camera or giving some gang type hand gesture. Probably not something that you’d ever want to put on your resume.

Back to this type of image. In this case, Amy responded to a Craigslist ad that I posted. I had several responses, 6 were serious and of those 6, 5 came to shoot. Prior to shooting there was a lot of email and discussion back and forth. I mentioned how this works in a previous post. I also know that Craigslist ads are sometimes kind of sketchy but I would have to say that I have found some of my best models there. Being close to Madison probably helps a lot.

I would, as a parent, wonder about who is taking these images and what they were for. I would wonder if this person could be trusted at all, if there are intentions of somehow harming my kid – even if my kid is not a kid anymore. To me, they are always still my kids and even though I really don’t have much of a say in what they do anymore, in my mind I do. If I did not know anything about rope or people in rope, it would probably scare the crap out of me and it would be time for an intervention.

I realize that I am the one that is doing this to and with someone’s kid. It does not matter if that kid is 20, 23, 32 or older – still someone’s kid. This is ok. For me, it is another reason to make sure that what I am doing is done right, or in the way I think I should do it. Being sensitive to those people’s feelings is also important to me. One of the reasons that I started shooting bondage work was to try to create images that were appealing in some manner. How could I take two sensitive things, art nude and bondage, and make them look better or different than what I was seeing. How could I show females tied up that did not look as if they were doing something against their will? This was the challenge. The challenge was and probably still is more than what you see in the end result. Not only did I need people, I also wanted to make sure that I was going to be able to produce something that was more than just some guy taking pictures of people in sensitive situations. I would need to learn how this rope stuff works, I would need to learn better photography. As I progressed, I found sort of a rhythm to shooting these images. Communication, people, plan, more communication, work the plan, edit the shot, communicate more, plan for better results next time.  Now the challenge is to keep Mom and Dad in mind.

I don’t know all of the reasons why some of the people I shoot this way want to do it. Some are into this stuff, some are adventurous and want to try it. Some want to be fetish models and have something to show in a portfolio somewhere in hopes that they’ll get paid for fetish work. In case you missed that, fetish WORK. I don’t know if it pans out for them all of the time. What I have found is this: Every one of the people I have worked with are intelligent people. As far as I know, pretty much everyone has checked me out in some fashion and felt comfortable enough to trust me not to harm them. I admire their courage and respect them for their outgoing nature. As far as I can tell, all of their parents did a pretty good job.

There’s the long, long thought for today. Tomorrow I have 2 people to tie up. Perhaps in the coming weeks I can bring Amy back in and do a clothing shoot.

3 responses

  1. Mom

    Very pretty!
    I also liked the picture of Amy sitting up covered in flour. Nicely done!

    Thanks for your thoughts. It would be nice to see a picture of you.

    November 7, 2009 at 8:06 am

  2. Extreme Body Art

    I love your thoughts, though I, myself, am not into bondage and stuff, I am open minded.

    I think everyone should think before doing what they do… “Would I want my kid doing this?” if the answer is no… They we should think twice before doing it to another kid.

    Very nice thoughts!

    November 14, 2009 at 3:07 am

  3. Helium3

    This is the exact thought process that I adopted when I started shooting nudes. The question I ask myself is this … If the finished image were hanging on the wall, and I am in the room with the model and her mom and we’re all looking at the image, would I be proud of my work ? That question becomes an measuring instrument that can be used and I’ve been thinking that way for a long time. Excellent advice and I LOVE your work 🙂

    May 14, 2014 at 7:30 am

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