Saturday 11.21.09

Looks like the cat pissed on my coat. Anyone want a cat?

Other than that, a fairly mild November day. The whole blog thing has been kind of fun and if nothing else I can use this to go back to what might have been on my mind when I start to lose it. That will probably be sooner than later. Maybe it is already starting. What was I thinking?

I spent most of the day watching my Granddaughter today. Kind of a nice change from having little boys running around in the house. I should back this up and say that much of the time was spent killing brain cells watching this:

I believe we also saw this in Hungarian and some other language. It is just as annoying any way you watch it.


Keeping track of blog hits, this is where I am since I started yacking:


Book pages are coming along. I have about 10 to fill. There are 2 shoots left prior to the end of the year. Two that are scheduled… maybe there will be a couple of random additions.



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