Saturday 12.05.09

Book update.

Almost ready. I ordered a prototype print the other day knowing that it would not be ready. I sent out a few announcements to a few people in the book with specific instructions that this was a preview and really not the final version… I was just making a test run. Just prior to sending it to print I thought I was comfortable knowing a couple of things. 1. It was not complete. I had about 6 pages that were unclear so I just filled them with images that were on the fringe of whether or not I really wanted to include them. And 2. I still have 2, maybe 3 rope shoots this coming week that would have finalized things, were planned long ago and were to be included.

But I was impatient and wanted to have a hard copy in my hands as a rough draft. I wanted to see the quality of the print and binding for myself and then make decisions based on what I saw. I should have this by the end of the week or beginning of the following. By then I should also have final images done and ready to insert, then reload the book for print.

Knowing all of that it was a mere split second after I finalized the “draft” copy that I realized a whole bunch of other mistakes that would need to be fixed. I’m kind of anxious to see how it all turns out.

If it does turn out ok, I am thinking of the next thing to do which will be a much smaller publication that will target a workflow of a bondage shoot. It will be my non confrontational answer to all of the lame bondage/photography workshops that I see advertised. By the way, not all of the bondage/photography workshops look lame to me. My hope would be to outline planning, reasons, rope used, efficiency and economy of time and materials, communication, safety precautions, lighting arrangement for a specific look that could be changed with minimal adjustment in minimal space, framing and composition, and a simple effective tie. There would in the end be suggestions of where to go from there and how you could build on or off of the tie. For now it is just an idea and I’m sure that there will be more to it than that.

The NOT REAL book so far. Don’t order this one.

A collection of pho…
By J.Vrstal

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