Monday 12.07.09

From the weekend.

Sunday was spent working with Sheilah. It was her first suspension and I think it went pretty well. I’m hoping that after a final bondage shoot on Friday (final for the book), I’ll be able to finish things up for the book project and make it available.


In other stuff, I was recently asked how I get a painterly effect on some of my images. This was my reply:

Ha, I was hoping you would not pick that one. Ok…

The long boring details more or less:

First, this little group of images with the horn and the band jacket was taken in about the time it took to smoke that cigarette. It was kind of an in between other things idea, just goofing around. I personally did not think that the original quality of the image was very good and frankly am surprised that there seems to be a lot of interest in it. That being said, here goes:

The original image was edited in Lightroom and I intentionally left it, or made it kind of pasty looking.

I then moved it into PS2 as a PSD file.

There usually is a rhyme and reason to do things in a certain order but with this one it was kind of all over the place. Beyond the base image there are 43 layers.

I have a bunch of filter stuff that I do use from time to time but you could also do much of it with photoshop. One of these is Nik Color Efex Pro. First step was to take it in there and use the Pro Contrast tool to adjust some color contrast and maybe soften some blacks. I might have used some control points to lessen the highlight effect on some of the highlight areas.

Next was a hue/saturation layer to correct some colors in the hair. There were some purples and magentas that I wanted to reduce or change.

I am using a PC, so my next step here was to merge as new layer: ctl/alt/shft/e. This combines what I have done and places it on top as a new layer.

Next, I zoomed in and copied one of the button flourishes on the jacket – then placed them accordingly on her underwear.

Another merge, then back to Nik for a tonal contrast layer.

Next, a Nik fog layer at 35%. This could also be a solid color layer set at white/35%. It was then blurred using motion blur at about a 45 degree angle.

Another layer copied from the tonal contrast layer, placed on top and reduced to 37%.

The next layer is where some of the painterly look starts to come in:

I use a texture layer. I think it is this one:

You can find a boat load of things on DA or make your own. I do both.

This is blurred somewhat and then the blending mode in this case is softlight at 79%.

Another Merge.

Next I made a selection using the marquee tool within the frame, fairly wide to select most of the model. I feathered it at something like 150, ctl/shft/i to invert the selection, make it a copy and then set that blending mode to multiply at 100%.

All of this can be done to taste… whatever works for you.

Next: Merge and then Nik – darken/lighten center.

Next, some dodging and burning and eye highlights.

Next I added some extra smoke using a smoke brush coming out of the bell of the horn.

Another texture pattern, different one, more dodging and burning. Various levels of opacity.

The rest of it is just a bunch of enhancement layers like that. The starburst area is a new layer using the marquee line tool, filled with white, gaussian blur a little, then a radial blur set to zoom. Arrange and erase or set blend mode as desired.

I added the black frame and text as well as my name.

That kind of covers it.

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  1. joan

    that made my brain hurt..

    December 8, 2009 at 9:40 am

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