Monday 12.14.09

…so, when is this book going to be ready for purchase? 🙂
That was a question posted by Joelle:

The almost certain answer to that is probably Thursday or Friday. I should get an advance prototype copy tomorrow (keeping my fingers crossed). The reason, I probably mentioned this somewhere else here, is that I wanted to be picky and take a look at the quality of the book before finalizing it. I guess I am a control freak about it. Each image, each session with each model was and is important to me. It took a lot of work on everyone’s part to get it to this point – and there had to be a point. So, here will be a book of images. I could not have composed such a thing without the 30 or so people involved who trusted me enough not to harm them as well as my wife for putting up with me through all of this.

This brings me to a couple of ideas for future work. If you read back through the blog, I complain from time to time about some of these “bondage photography workshops” that I see. Most, not all, are this in my opinion: A vehicle to generate revenue for those putting on the workshop. I say this because I often, when checking things out more, find that there are never many models that have any examples of this type of work in their portfolios. Often the rigger is in a similar situation. Not a lot to show. You’d think that if you were doing a “bondage” workshop, there would be examples to generate some interest.

This is not a bondage workshop though and there is a complete difference between a bondage workshop and a bondage photography workshop – or should be. Much should be addressed: safety first, medical issues, safe words and/or constant communication between the roped person and the person responsible for the rope on that person. This might not be a photographer in some cases. Work flow on going from setup to model to rope to shooting to finishing up should be addressed. Usually I don’t see this. Simple functional ties should be shown/explained, rope types could be discussed. With everything that SHOULD be involved in showing a group of people how to do these things – even if a simple DiD shoot, and then following up with individual sessions with models, I don’t see how all of this can be covered in a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday.

And since I don’t think it can be covered properly in that amount of time, it may be unsafe for some people to attempt these things at a later date.

So, thinking that I have a unique perspective on this, I am considering putting something like this into a simple book idea. There would be much more text than the current book – the current book has one page of text plus an index page. It would show back scenes in the studio and preparation for the shoot. A simple lighting setup, some simple ties and some finished images. A very basic guide that can be looked at over and over and picked up later to reference again. If anything, it may inspire someone to head in the right direction in doing this without having to waste several hundred dollars on one of these workshops. Read the book and then pick the best workshop. Or, plan workshops this way… go to regular photography workshops and also go to some kind of fetish workshops – then combine what you know. So, there it is, one idea for the future. I suppose a bunch of other people could go ahead and do this themselves but I feel committed to do it and make it not only right but interesting as well.

Beyond that, Something a little different than rope work is in the works. Top secret stuff… oooh. It should be fun.

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