Thursday 12.17.09

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Beyond that, boring Health Care stuff and my current feeling on things. I feel screwed. I feel as if the people who made promises to me and caused me to have hope that maybe, just maybe things could change for the better have lied to me or not followed though.

I’ve been watching this health care issue all summer long. I’m not a car guy or much of a sports guy but it is getting to the point where I know or recognize the political players when I see them now. Almost too much. There was a vague idea earlier on that some sort of health care bill – finally some sort of health care reform – would be ready by the end of this year. Original drafts of 4 or 5 bills contained things that would benefit us as a nation and benefit our kids in the future. How to pay for all of that is always the question and the answer is always most likely that we pay more taxes. From day one on this thing the lobbyists have relentlessly influenced the chipping away of anything good that was coming our way. They (insurance, drug, health care industries and all related) have looked for and found ways to continue to make money – ungodly amounts of money. There was no way that they were ever going to be “kept honest” or slow down their steady increase in profits.

I was reading an article the other day about FaceBook. I’m not a FaceBooker but the article talked about some game on FaceBook that is currently very popular. I think it was some kind of Mafia game. Anyway, in this game you can or need to buy things or get more points to buy things in the game. One way to do that was to fill out some survey. Once you did that, you would receive points or virtual cash to purchase some of the cool things that would give you a better edge in that game. What it also did was generate a letter to the GOP showing that you were not in favor of any health care legislation.

The polls continue to indicate that the majority of the population are still in favor of some sort of Public Plan Option. This has now all gone away even with more than half of the country in favor of it. Beyond the FaceBook deal are other pop up things that might offer you a coupon at some store in your area. To get the discount, you fill out the survey and generate another letter. This really seems like a dirty trick to me. First, I don’t know if they actually explain what you are about to do. If they do explain it, is it in so small print or so much legalese that you would miss it or it would make ‘your brain bleed’ to have to read through it? I believe that they are counting on many people to not read through it and just click “ok” so they can play a damn game. We are so stupid.

I have to think that Howard Dean’s recent suggestion to not vote for the Senate bill is good advice. I think that this bill is so NOT like anything they wanted that it would be completely useless to make it law. More than completely useless, it would guarantee that the Health Insurance industry would be able to gather more revenue. Protections to prevent our rates from going up would not be there. Triggers to promote a public plan at a later date would never be pulled.

My other complaint is that I fear that it will somehow pass as a shitty bill. The Democrats will claim a victory as passing Health Care Reform. The GOP will claim a victory as they have managed to completely change the flavor of the bill as well as guaranteed that they will continue to receive massive amount of campaign financing from those industries they have protected and enabled to make more profit. Feelings country wide will change about Obama and we will lose many Dems in the 2010 elections. His popularity will continue to decline as we begin to really understand the shitty health care reform we have passed and start to look harder at our problems in Afghanistan.

I was a GOP supporter forever. They completely went in the toilet with Bush and have fallen apart in their leadership though McCain’s loss in the election. But, we the people are for the most part living in the moment and it does not take much to manipulate things to look another way. The Democrats as a whole are not unified and even when they are the majority vote can’t seem to get their shit together to make the changes they have cried for all these years.

After all of this, I am just disappointed that we have spent all of this time debating it to see it all fall apart. What else could we have been doing?

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  1. great shots but your writing is disappearing off the psge

    December 18, 2009 at 2:25 am

    • jsvexperimental

      Hmm… I’ll have to check that.

      December 18, 2009 at 2:31 am

    • jsvexperimental

      Try hitting Ctrl and scroll up or down to adjust. That might do it.

      December 18, 2009 at 10:50 am

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