Monday 12.28.09

Finishing up the year.

Recent batch of KJ…

Other than unstructured family shots over the last few days I really have not shot much. That’s usually normal through he holidays. The book project is finished only a couple of weeks or so ago and it seems like much longer. Not messing with it every day leaves me feeling like something is missing. I did get a chance to see the final actual finished version in print. It looks goods if I say so myself. I was happy that I had made the prototype and then made corrections after seeing it. If and when I do it again, I’ll do it like that.

I have a few things coming up in the next few weeks but also have this feeling of a long winter to get through. Perhaps over the next few weeks I’ll do some experimenting with other ideas. I always feel like I’m looking for something. I don’t ever know if I will find it. Perhaps I won’t even recognize it when I do.

The next post will probably be photos of a huge wall project in Caledonia on Tuesday. I get to go help my future son-in-law mess up a gym wall. Imagine that, my daughter liking some dude who makes signs.

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