Thursday 1.7.10

Our winter continues.

I found a pretty cool mapping service online from Bing. I took a screen grab of the shop – where I am at this very moment. I laid out the property lines and drew a circle to indicate exactly where all, or most of my images are taken. It really looks like quite a dirt patch from overhead.

Then, I wanted to see the same image as it looks today in this weather. Here is the result:


Beyond that fun I was reading. I was reading email, ads posted, online portfolios and just other words typed without spell check or a proofreader by actual humans. I noticed things like the word “than” used where the word “then” should have been. Interest has become Intrest. I can read through this crap and understand, kind of, what that person may be talking about but I feel like they have somehow taken advantage of or abused me in some way. I had to learn this shit.

I remember sitting in Mrs. Lethlean’s 8th grade reading or English  class. I don’t recall what the actual assignment was but it was something that I was supposed to complete in a workbook. I sort of remember not having done the assignment and whipping though it in the first couple of minutes of class, when everyone is getting situated and the class is about to begin. We had to open our workbooks on our desks as she would walk up and down the rows to check things. When she got to me,  she stopped. She took her red ink pen and just started crossing out the entire page with a viscous stabbing motion. It went on for enormous seconds, and then she moved on. I got the point. So did everyone else. I had fucked up and it was not what she had expected from me.

I think about my kids starting school (last one graduates in May). It seems when it came to reading and writing, the school encouraged them to just write… that’s it, just write. Be expressive. We don’t care if the spelling is right or wrong. We don’t care if anything on the page makes a bit of sense. We just want to allow them to bloom and express themselves and not feel all of the pressure of “getting it right.” As time goes on they would eventually introduce things like spelling, sentence structure, a beginning, a middle, an end. Somehow I think most of these schools missed that part. We have a blank whiteboard on our refrigerator that is supposed to be filled in with grocery items as we need something or run out of something. I cringed the day I saw that we needed “gram” crackers. After correcting it on the board, it was changed back to “gram” and I was informed that that’s about what they weigh. What?

Perhaps spelling things correctly or actually spelling things out completely is important to me because I am required to do this when I design a sign, business card or some other advertisement. It makes me look like I know what I am doing and it also makes my client look like they know something as well. Maybe when people are not getting paid to do it right it does not make any difference?

Anyway, that embarrassing moment in 8th grade left an impression. I’ll try to not let Mrs. Lethlean’s stabby red ink pen motions be forgotten.

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